Regional SDG 4 coordination mechanisms

Within the Global Education Cooperation Mechanism (GCM) framework, the regional SDG 4 coordination mechanisms play a central role as hubs for the provision and coordination of capacity support for and cooperation among countries. In doing so, they make critical contributions to promoting evidence use, priority setting, peer learning and monitoring – hence contextualizing and undertaking concrete actions on the HLSC’s Functional Areas (FAs) and thematic focus areas. 

The outcome document of the multi-stakeholder consultation process for strengthening the GCM stresses the importance of the regional level and the need to strengthen regional education cooperation mechanisms and their relationships to the global level for mutual reinforcement and ultimately greater impact at the country level.

Read more about the five regional coordination mechanisms here:

  1. Africa
  2. Arab States
  3. Asia And the Pacific
  4. Europe and North America
  5. Latin America and the Caribbean