One year into COVID: Prioritizing education recovery to avoid a generational catastrophe

Submitted by geraldine on Mon, 03/29/2021 - 09:34

Three high-level round tables will be organized as parallel sessions focusing on the following topics that have emerged as concerns in every country:

  • Keeping schools open, prioritizing and supporting teachers: what measures must be taken to keep schools open as a priority and ensure a safe learning environment? How is the safety of teachers being ensured and how are they being supported to adapt to a new learning reality?
  • School dropout & learning loss: what are the top policy measures taken to mitigate against school drop out? What remedial actions have been most successful so far to make up for learning loss?
  • Digital transformation and the future of education:  What are the key strategies for digital transformation of education systems? How can public-private partnership contribute to advancing the digital transformation? How has Covid-19 impacted the future of education?

One year after UNESCO convened a first ministerial meeting to encourage exchange of practice in the face of an unprecedented situation, this high-level online meeting will provide a platform for mutual learning to shape an inclusive education recovery, informed by knowledge and evidence, and buttressed by effective multilateral engagement and cooperation.