The Transforming Education Summit

President of United States of America Addresses General Assembly Debate at TES


In September 2022, the UN Secretary-Secretary convened the Transforming Education Summit in response to the triple-headed crisis heightened by the COVID-19 pandemic: a crisis of equity and inclusion, a crisis of quality and a crisis of relevance. Leveraging the report of the UNESCO International Commission on the Futures of Education, the Summit sought to fundamentally rethink the purpose, content, and delivery of education in the 21st century and to elevate education in national and global political agenda to mobilize ambition, solidarity and solutions to transform education.

Key Summit outcomes to be followed up are:

  1. High-Level political commitment and cross-sectoral, multi-stakeholder engagement at the country level, building on the national consultations convened in 163 countries, which led to 119 national consultation reports and 133 written national statements of commitment submitted by Member State governments.
  2. A global movement for transforming education, with youth as central actors and agents of transformation, as manifested in the Youth Declaration.
  3. The Call to Action on Educational Investment, “Investing more, more equitably and more efficiently in education,” to fulfil the moral, political and economic imperative of investing in education.
  4. Global Initiatives to leverage greater financial, technical and political support for country-level implementation in light of a series of Calls to Action launched at the Summit.

The Secretary-General’s Vision Statement on Transforming Education is a manifesto and urgent call to Member States and the global public to join efforts towards transforming education and elevate education to the top of high-level political dialogues, including the Summit of the Future in 2024. In the statement, the Secretary-General calls on the SDG4 High-Level Steering Committee (HLSC) to ensure effective Summit follow up by strengthening global, regional and national level cooperation and integrating the Summit outcomes into SDG4 coordination, monitoring and implementation efforts.

Visit the UN website on the Summit for more information.

Transforming Education Pre-Summit

The Transforming Education Pre‐Summit took place in Paris on 28‐30 June 2022. The overall objective of the Pre‐Summit was to harness the evolving discussions on transforming education, elaborate initial content and establish a shared vision and suggested actions, and generate greater momentum in the lead up to the Summit. Find out more here.

Next steps

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