Technical Cooperation Group: next meeting 21 June 2021

Submitted by geraldine on Mon, 06/14/2021 - 13:41

The TCG Members will be consulted on three main subjects in light of the next Global Education Meeting of the Global Education Monitoring (GEM) meeting in July and the next UN General Conference in November. With the clear commitment of the Framework for Action (FFA), which requires establishing appropriate intermediate benchmarks (e.g. for 2020 and 2025) through an inclusive process, with full transparency and accountability, engaging all partners so there is country ownership and common understanding. Intermediate benchmarks can be set for each target to serve as quantitative goalposts for review of global progress vis-à- vis the longer-term goals (parag.28).

To fulfill this engagement, the TCG will be briefed and consulted on the following topics:

1. TCG progress and update on benchmarks

Member States, regional organizations and partners in all regions have been actively collaborating to implement the regional benchmarking process and discuss indicators for regional benchmarking, which will take into consideration the disparities across regions and guide countries in setting benchmarks at the national level.

2. Equity benchmarks

In October 2020, the TCG approved a technical and political process for setting benchmarks. However, the seventh benchmark indicator on equity remained to be discussed in greater detail. Since then, options have been explored and will be presented to the TCG Members.

3. Regional/global aggregates have been reported for 5 of the 12 SDG 4 Global Indicator

This year, regional and global aggregates will be reported for all SDG 4 indicators at the 2021 UNSG for the first time. Yet, an agreement must be reached on the definitions for regional averages for most SDG 4 Indicators.