Save Our Education (Save the Children, July 2020)

Submitted by geraldine on Fri, 07/10/2020 - 17:09
Save the children report c Save I Hawo

Projecting that nearly 10 million children could be forced out of education forever by the end of 2020 - and a $77 billion education funding gap for the world's poorest children.   
The report is a call to action to address the full scale of the COVID-19 education emergency, with urgent action to save the education of a generation of children, calling on governments, donors and the international community to come together to:   
1.    Plan: Agree and implement a global COVID-19 education action plan.   
2.    Invest: Commit to increased funding for education to recover from this crisis.   
3.    Learn: Interventions should ensure the most marginalised are learning.   
4.    Protect: Ensure that all children are healthy, safe and well whilst out of school and when they return.   
5.    Track: Efforts to implement and fund the global education action plan must be tracked and actors held to account.   
Without this action, the impact on children’s learning and rising inequality will be the long-term legacy of this pandemic.