Join the SDG4Youth Network!

Submitted by Vivian on Mon, 10/18/2021 - 17:45
Youth on the go


The SDG4Youth network aims to include young education activists in shaping global education policies through engagement in the multi-stakeholder SDG 4 Education 2030 High-level Steering Committee, while establishing the network as an accountable and representative youth and students platform. 


Around the world, young people are driving change and claiming fundamental freedoms and rights; improving conditions for them and their communities; as well as opportunities to learn, work and participate in decisions that affect them. The success of the school strike for climate is just one example of the mobilization power young people have and utilize for priorities which they consider urgent and important to them. Alongside climate, young people have placed education as a key concern and challenge affecting their lives. In particular, the skills and values they need for the present and future is very much at stake, affecting their ability to reach their full potential.

The recent Secretary-General’s Our Common Agenda includes recommendations for meaningful, diverse and effective youth engagement, including through better political representation. The idea for creating an SDG4Youth Network was born out of the recognition that young people are key partners and actors in creating a better future for all through education in their countries and communities and should have an equal seat at the decision-making table. As such, SDG4Youth will have a strong emphasis on co-creation with youth and students, by involving young people from the start of the initiative network to shape on how they would like to see the network developed, operationalized and sustained. The network will also forge strong links with the regional youth and education initiatives and strategies.


If you meet the following critieria 

  1. You represent a youth and student organization in the field of education and you have the mandate to represent the organization
  2. You are between 18 and 29 years old (inclusive)
  3. Your organization is active in the fields related to the objectives of the SDG 4 – Education 2030
  4. You and your organization are active in advocacy and implementation of education issues for a minimum of two years
  5. You represent a not-for-profit organization



For more information on this exciting initiative, check out the draft terms of reference linked here.