Global Education Cooperation Mechanism - Sherpa Group Meeting, 23-24 February 2022

Submitted by geraldine on Wed, 02/16/2022 - 17:43
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With the midpoint of the SDG-Education 2030 agenda fast approaching, the need to accelerate progress toward SDG 4 is more pressing than ever. This includes strengthening global cooperation to better support countries to ensure inclusive, equitable and high-quality education and to promote lifelong learning opportunities for all. The COVID-19 pandemic has further heightened the urgency for action. It has shown the central role of global cooperation in addressing the global learning crisis.

A renewed Global Education Cooperation Mechanism (GCM) was endorsed at the July 2021 Global Education Meeting (GEM), following an extensive consultation and review process. The GCM centres on a remodeled SDG 4 Education 2030 High-Level Steering Committee (HLSC) to serve as the apex body for global education cooperation. The HLSC comprises a “Leadership Group” at Ministerial or Head of Agency level and a “Sherpa Group” at senior official and advisor level, with the shared aim of bringing country-level stakeholders and international partners together to collaborate in more agile, efficient and impactful ways.

The inaugural HLSC Sherpa Group meeting will:

  • Provide an overview of the strengthened Global Education Cooperation Mechanism (GCM) and the High-Level Steering Committee’s (HLSC) roles and responsibilities and roadmap for 2022-2023
  • Inform on progress on the operationalization of the Committee's three Functional Areas (Evidence, Data and Monitoring, Financing)
  • Identify a set of strategic thematic focus areas to mobilize global cooperation
  • Inform on Transforming Education Summit (TES) and its alignment with the Global Education Cooperation Mechanism 
  • Discuss the HLSC contribution to the High-Level Political Forum thematic review of SDG 4
  • Present a proposal for the Inter-Agency Secretariat's core tasks, responsibilities and operational modalities