FAQ tender of Strategic stakeholder and project management – proposal for improved global education coordination

Submitted by Vivian on Sat, 12/21/2019 - 16:13
Global education committee

*Please note this FAQ will continually be updated from 4/01/21 onwards with questions received.

Questions and Answers for tender of Strategic stakeholder and project management – proposal for improved global education coordination

(Ref: RFP/ED/E30/SDG/2020)





Q: On the team composition, we were thinking of putting forward a team with a variety of experience. Could we suggest an alternative composition and provide a team including junior and mid-level members in addition to mid-senior members?

A: If your team members have varying levels of experiences, please feel free to submit the CVs and references for all members


Q: On references and examples: Are you looking for project references for each individual, or references for the team we are putting forward as a whole?

A: We would appreciate receiving references for each individual staff assigned to the team described in RFP and as a whole team (if the team has worked together on similar projects)



Q: Could you please clarify what you mean
by " The Offeror shall indicate on an
appropriate Price Schedule, an example of
which is contained in the Price Schedule
sheet, the prices of services it proposes to
supply under the contract, if selected."

A: Please complete the Financial Proposal Table in Annex V.


Q. Our submission documents exceed in size. Therefore, I would like to ask if we
can split our technical proposal into
multiple emails or perhaps share with you
link to download via WeTransfer?
exceed in size. Therefore, I would like to ask if we can split our technical proposal into multiple emails or perhaps share with you link to download via WeTransfer?

A. You can send a link to WeTransfer. Please make a selection of documents to share with the panel. We would appreciate it if you could keep it under 10mb.


Q: Can we perform the tasks (related to RFP) outside France?


A: Tasks are to be performed remotely.


Q: Is it possible for you to indicate the financial envelope that is available for the RFP?

A: We cannot disclose this information. However, the assignment will require approximately 60 to 70 professional working days.


Q. Regarding the country survey, how many respondents/countries were you looking to target.

A. We would like to target around 18-24 countries (3-4 countries per region). The surveys could also be disseminated via our UNESCO Regional Offices which can help to facilitate the process as well.


Q. Regarding the moderating of meetings and consultations during the assignment, would UNESCO be taking care of the organization of the meeting or would we need to take the organizational task on as well?

A. UNESCO will organize these meetings


Q. You asked for a PowerPoint deck that depicts the whole consultation process and its conclusions as one of the final deliverables for this assignment. We wanted to know if another medium could be accepted as well.

A. We would prefer PowerPoint for its ease of use/transfer but are open to ideas and suggestions on capturing the consultation process in a more interactive/visual way.


Q. Is the scope mostly basic education or also higher education and lifelong learning?

A. One of objectives of the working group would be to strike the right balance between the entire SDG-Education 2030 agenda (universal, holistic, lifelong learning) and the focus on basic education (of children) in low income countries.


Q. Is the scope mostly low and middle income countries, or also high income countries?

A. The renewed global education cooperation mechanism should cover countries of all income levels.


Q. How much freedom does the working group have to challenge existing models and suggest new innovative ideas?

A. Ideally, the working group would be able to challenge existing models and suggest new innovative ideas, which is one of the purposes for establishing this ad-hoc group.



Q. Can bidders explore a partnership with a third-party to finance part of their fees?

A. Bidders could explore co-financing for this project, however on UNESCO’s end this would be considered as an in-kind contribution from your organisation to the project. UNESCO will not take part in any discussions or negotiations for this purpose or be held accountable or be required to report to the co-funder(s). Please also note that, for the evaluation of the financial proposals of the bid, we will only consider the amount to the paid by UNESCO under the project.



Q. What is the role of the independent consultant already hired, and how far have they progressed?

A. The independent consultant is an expert in global education and their role is to provide the research and analysis into the current functioning of the global education architecture. Their work will go on until February 2021 culminating in a final analytical report with recommendations that the strategy consultant/team can take forward.

15 Q. The RFP suggests that the team leader should submit 2 project evaluation references to demonstrate analytical and organizational skills and 2 project references to demonstrate global development aid and education policy, do these  have to refer to the same contracts/studies or can they be different? A. The team leader references and company references can refer to same or different contracts/studies 

Q. You mention that the bidder should provide 3 company-level references including contact details, do the team-level references also need to include contact details?

A. No, contact details are not mandatory