Inter-Agency Secretariat

The Inter-Agency Secretariat (IAS) is bringing together staff from United Nations and beyond—including Member States, international/regional organizations, CSOs and the private sector—to work under UNESCO’s leadership and support the HLSC in steering efforts to accelerate progress on SDG 4. 

The IAS will support the HLSC to drive systematic progress against its priority areas, while maintaining the universality of SDG 4, and foster greater alignment and commitment of actors within the GCM to action, building on the high-level political engagement in the HLSC.

Team members

Head of Inter-Agency Secretariat

Lily Neyestani-Hailu

Stakeholder Engagement & Partnerships Team

Team Lead: Véronique Mistycki

Team members:

  • Martha K. Ferede
  • Immaculata Agiamoh
  • Sophia Rodrigues

Technical Support Team

Team Lead: Mami Umayahara

Team members:

  • Siwoo Lee (Republic of Korea secondee)

Communications and Advocacy Team

Team Lead: Sandra Bisin

Team members:

Ignacio Montero Iturria

  • Linxiao Song
  • Laiselys Barreto Paez
  • Loyola Ranarison-Schaefer

Executive & Operations Team

Team Lead: Anett Domiter

  • Synøve Almås (Norway secondee)
  • Alice Mihalache
  • Julie Tovey
  • Heidi Le Cohu

Transforming Education Summit Secretariat

The Inter-Agency Secretariat hosted the Transforming Education Summit (TES) Secretariat in 2022 with Secondees from the following UN agencies:

  • ILO
  • ITU
  • UN Women
  • WFP

Our partners

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