Are children able to continue learning during school closures (UNICEF, August 2020)

Submitted by geraldine on Thu, 08/27/2020 - 14:54

At the height of nationwide and local lockdowns, around 1.5 billion schoolchildren were affected by school closures. The analysis outlines the limitations of remote learning and exposes deep inequalities in access.

The research used a globally representative analysis on the availability of home-based technology and tools needed for remote learning among pre-primary, primary, lower-secondary and upper-secondary schoolchildren, with data from 100 countries. Data included access to television, radio and internet, and the availability of curriculum delivered across these platforms during school closures.

Although the numbers in the analysis present a concerning picture on the lack of remote learning during school closures, UNICEF warns the situation is likely to be far worse. Even when children have the technology and tools at home, they may not be able to learn remotely through those platforms due to competing factors in the home including pressure to do chores, being forced to work, a poor environment for learning and lack of support in using the online or broadcast curriculum.

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